When I've clicked on tune I'd like to download, name of that file is different than the group I selected. For example, if you select "Paradox - Disney Animation Studio", filename is Thunderloop1.zip file. Why?

That's because it's exactly the same tune. Name of the download depends on what crack group used it in it's intro first time when I ripped that tune. By doing this I try to prevent having same tune over and over again in my collection, as only difference would be the name of file.

Note: Files with same download file aren't linked to each in any other way. If you comment that Paradox one, it won't show on that Thunderloop version. Same goes for rating and download counter.

Why some tunes occur multiple times in the dabase. For example "Their Finest Hour - The Battle of Britain"? That exactly same tune occurs with Defjam, CCS and ACC.

That intro was made by Defjam-CCS-ACC (so they worked together when making it.. or something). Instead of just putting all names together, each group has a record of that tune under their name. This is to clarify and to make the structure of the database more accurate, and to avoid having confusing and misleading group names like Defjam-CCS-ACC in the database.

Note: When you comment or rate for example Defjam "Their Finest Hour - The Battle of Britain", that rating and comment will also show under CSS and ACC versions. Download counter will also increase for these groups.

Why some tunes have blue background?

Idea of that is to clarify if the crack tune in question was ripped from crack intro that had more than one group. For exaple, tune ripped from intro made by Skid Row and Valhalla would have blue background, where tune ripped from intro made only by Skid Row would have normal white / light grey background. It may also have something to do with bad database designing, but let's not go there.. :P

Why some tunes have wrong information or no information at all?

Because I'm only human. If you notice error(s) on some tune, or have some additional information about it, comment that tune and I'll fix try to fix it asap.

What does "I had to reconstruct this song by myself as the ripper messed up the instruments" mean on some tunes?

Sometimes when ripping tunes, samples get corrupted or the ripper can't find them (and mostly on older SoundTracker modules). In that case, I'll have to manually replace those samples. I've used Open ModPlug Tracker to fix those.

Can I put tunes from your site to my site/use them as I please?

Sure. As for return, you could add a link to my site on your site ;)

I'm looking for a certain tune. Can you help me?

It depends. If you can provide me enought information, I might be able to help you. If not, I could always put a request on my site, where someone else might be able to help.

What players should I use to play tunes here?

I suggest you visit following player pages by Exotica: DeliPlayer and XMPlay. If you can't play some tune on other player, usually the other one can play it. Also note, that there are few tunes on my collection, that only Amiga players can play at the moment.

If you more have questions that should propably be here, contact me.