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Tunes starting with character O

Group Module name Composer Ripped from Format Info Rating
The Obelisk Softworks Crew hymn to yezz karsten obarski Deus Ex Machina - The Ultimate Bards Tale Editor Ultimate SoundTracker Comment
Odissey frankie - Hugo, Pirates! StarTrekker AM Comment
OKS nightfall the omen Buggy Boy, Electric Shock Demo Version SoundTracker Comment
Oldskool whistling fred mel'o'dee Color 'n' Mind ProTracker Comment
Omega V giz-intro3 gizmo Grand National, New York Warriors - import ProTracker Comment
Optical loader2 sound wizards Fun Pack #002 ProTracker Comment
Optical valentines day ep Their First Dentro ProTracker Comment
Oracle edge.mod the edge Antispyrel Ultimate SoundTracker Comment
Oracle happy ending? wal Arachnophobia ProTracker Comment
Oracle - - Bandit Kings of Ancient China, Budokan, Pipemania Music-Assembler Click for more info Comment
Oracle 5th_gear jochen hippel Bomber Bob, World Cup 90 Hippel Click for more info Comment
Oracle lost dream the dj Chess Champion 2175, Frontline, Gary Lineker's Hot Shot, Grimblood, T-Bird Sidmon 1.0 Comment
Oracle prince jochen hippel Colony, The Hippel Comment
Oracle game_over_and_title jochen hippel Coloris, Commando, Crusade, Hellraider, Weird Dreams 100% Hippel-COSO Click for more info Comment
Oracle dizzymusic2 allister brimble Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters SoundMon 2.0 Click for more info Comment
Oracle jpl 2 - Grand National ProTracker Comment
Oracle base boost - Intersound v1.0 ProTracker Comment
Oracle flying reyn ouwehand James Pond Pre-release, Wolfpack Playable Preview Maniacs of Noise Click for more info Comment
Oracle reinelein rhino Memtro, Might and Magic III - Isles of Terra Digital Mugician Comment
Oracle edge8 - Mike Read's Pop Quiz SoundTracker 15 Click for more info Comment
Oracle hqc 1987 / storm - Mr. Heli, Narcissus Custom Click for more info Comment
Oracle rsi theme jochen hippel Oracle Intro V4.0 Future Composer 1.3 Comment
Oracle - - Pioneer Plague Custom Click for more info Comment
Oracle song42 - Pipeline, Steve Davis World Snooker ProTracker Comment
Oracle ingame jochen hippel Populous Data Disk - Final Frontier Hippel-COSO Click for more info Comment
The Orb - nugget Approach trainer ProTracker Comment
The Orb giana intro - Battle Squadron AGA fix, Hybris ProTracker Click for more info Comment
The Orb - - Blood Money AGA fix ProTracker Comment
The Orb suggestive vibes 5 mortimer twang Pinball Mania Import Intro ProTracker Comment
The Organized Crime (TOC) track_he_hit monty Cracktro / Intro by 2 Unlimited ProTracker Comment
Origin ng world / flying world wotw & sun Nick Faldos Championship Golf AGA/CD32 Enhanced version ProTracker Comment
Origin minimize jozz Syndicate - Mission Disk American Revolt ProTracker Comment
The Outlaws bis biscrok A New Crack Intro ProTracker Comment
The Outlaws chipsy kings r^c^p Bomb'X 1995 - The Scene's Levels ProTracker Comment
The Outlaws galactica salsa biscrok Computer Course Angler (The) - one disked, Speedway Manager 2 ECS (Polish) - one disked ProTracker Comment
The Outlaws end of planet kara Crack Intro ProTracker Click for more info Comment
The Outlaws secret gardens emax Crack Intro ProTracker Comment
The Outlaws thanatos - Dinosaur Detective Agency +3 trainer Music-Assembler Comment
The Outlaws beat to the pulp / dinkelator romeo knight Eye of the Storm, Jetstrike - one disk, KGB (French), Poivre Blanc, Time Runners 07 - The Land of the Invaders, Time Runners 12 - A Target for the Cyborg Sidmon 1.0 Comment
The Outlaws flight of the bumblebee - Intelligent Strategy Games ProTracker Comment
Over the Top synthsong heatbeat Marblelous trainer NoiseTracker Comment
Over the Top cons-smallintro2 cons Whizz ProTracker Comment
Overlords musty oyster dexter Trainer preview ProTracker Comment
The Oviesoft Amiga Division (TOAD) - - Slide It Future Composer 1.3 Comment

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