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Top downloads

Group Ripped from    
Miscellaneous Various demos, intros &... 5436 Comment
2000 AD Aquatic Games trainer, B.C.... 1276 Comment
2000 AD WizKid trainer 872 Comment
2000 AD Creatures trainer, Krusty's... 853 Comment
Computerbrains Cracking Service (CCS)
Accumulators (ACC)
Ghosts 'N Goblins - Playable... 793 Comment
Skid Row Fables & Fiends - Book... 772 Comment
Access Shadow of the Beast 3 694 Comment
2000 AD Sink or Swim trainer,... 692 Comment
Abandon Kick Off 2 - Return to Europe 684 Comment
Access Gulp +9 trainer 669 Comment

Top ratings

Group Ripped from    
2000 AD WizKid trainer   Comment
2000 AD Aquatic Games trainer, B.C....   Comment
Abandon Kick Off 2 - Return to Europe   Comment
Quartex Dawn Patrol   Comment
Skid Row Fables & Fiends - Book...   Comment
2000 AD Sim City Deluxe   Comment
Abyss Tomorrow / Virtual Dreams ++35   Comment
Bamiga Sector One
Galactic Conqueror   Comment
Alcatraz Autokick 1.7, Garfield   Comment
World of Wonders Dugger, International Karate...   Comment

Latest comments

Group Comment by Added  
Conspiracy Rey 14.01.2014 Comment
Accession rady 11.09.2013 Comment
Hellfire Dar 06.05.2013 Comment
Rebels lkma 29.03.2013 Comment
Miscellaneous Joey ;) 07.01.2013 Comment
Quartex peyman 06.09.2012 Comment
Aces Wuffo 14.08.2012 Comment
The Oviesoft Amiga Division (TOAD) JJ QUEST 08.06.2012 Comment
Paranoimia the one who... 30.07.2011 Comment
Hoodlum Amigo 11.03.2011 Comment

Credits & links

I've used sites below as my source for cracktros, information and some tunes, so thanks to all you guys and girls!

And below are links to other sites worth visiting:

And I'm always looking for more tunes or information to add here, so if you have any, contact me!

If you notice any tunes that *really* shouldn't be here, contact me and I'll remove them asap!

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Latest 100 updates

Group Module name Composer Ripped from Format Info Rating Added
Mygon phenomena - Thundercats NoiseTracker Click for more info Comment 25.08.2010
Bamiga Sector One
The Kent Team
tnt2 mike Act Out 100% Ultimate SoundTracker Comment 24.08.2010
Cascade afl ghetto aka shadowlight Amiga BTX Final - Import Intro SoundTracker 15 Click for more info Comment 02.08.2010
LSD high'n'over bernard sumner ADI Jnr. ProTracker Comment 30.07.2010
Hellfire !6581-mycopcar jazz Computer Colouring Book - Sooty Paint ProTracker Comment 30.07.2010
Paradox intro number 56 wotw Tornado ProTracker Comment 25.07.2010
Digital pink bubbles yaz Stardust Preview ProTracker Comment 25.07.2010
Guild of Thieves (GOT) alien_syndrome david whittaker New Stuff David Whittaker Click for more info Comment 19.07.2010
Science 451 returning home syce Giddy II - Hero In An Egg Shell +1 trainer ProTracker Comment 19.07.2010
Countach sky dance preview sky Cybercon III Preview EarAche Comment 11.07.2010
Wanted Team synthmania12 x-ceed Bridge v1.1 (Polish) ProTracker Comment 01.07.2010
The Magic Touch (TMT) intro number 42 wotw Erben Des Throns ProTracker Comment 26.06.2010
Access analyzer emax Overdrive - HD ProTracker Comment 26.06.2010
Cyclone pleasure_to_paso??? paso Darkmere: The Nightmare's Begun - HD ProTracker Comment 26.06.2010
Carcass - - Sim City V1.2 + Extras Sidmon 2.0 Comment 25.06.2010
Impact synth 4 arpegiator Trolls - CD32 ProTracker Comment 23.06.2010
Global Over Dose (GOD) antipasti#24 2pac The Humans 1 & 2 - CD32 ProTracker Comment 23.06.2010
Reality warning sign mantronix Wild Wheels ProTracker Comment 22.06.2010
TRSI trouble vision romeo knight Space Quest 3 - German ProTracker Comment 20.06.2010
Fusion sml29-war sml aka supermale Chariots Of Wrath ProTracker Comment 20.06.2010
Baobab intro01 fab Federation Of Free Traders SoundTracker 15 Comment 19.06.2010
Deadline introtune1 jason RattleCopy 3 +9 trainer ProTracker Comment 13.06.2010
United Forces cascade jesper kyd GFX-Rip v.09 ProTracker Click for more info Comment 09.06.2010
Energy thalion intro jochen hippel T-Bird +5 trainer Hippel Comment 09.06.2010
Backlash ingame paul van der valk Traps 'n' Treasures +9/29 trainer Future Player Click for more info Comment 09.06.2010
Pseudo-Ops ingame ron klaren Untouchables, The +2 trainer Custom Click for more info Comment 09.06.2010
Palace intro number 31 wotw Motörhead +3 trainer ProTracker Comment 25.04.2010
Alpha Flight toki4 pierre-eric loriaux KGB Preview PumaTracker Click for more info Comment 24.04.2010
Alpha Flight chipsong tdk Cracktro ProTracker Comment 24.04.2010
Switch reinelein rhino Adpro Updated version Digital Mugician Comment 23.04.2010
Prodigy noise - Trap Em! ProTracker Comment 19.04.2010
Pyrodex msx-cracktro 2 tsm Rock 'n Roll - Onefiled/AGA fixed/100% (+25) trainer SunTronic Comment 17.04.2010
Submission c00lbass colorboy Street Fighter 2 ProTracker Comment 12.04.2010
Pirates 4mat-menuloader / menuloader 4-mat Blazing Thunder - AGA fix ProTracker Comment 11.04.2010
The Outlaws thanatos - Dinosaur Detective Agency +3 trainer Music-Assembler Comment 04.04.2010
The Outlaws chipsy kings r^c^p Bomb'X 1995 - The Scene's Levels ProTracker Comment 04.04.2010
Rebels journey ron klaren BBS Intro Custom Comment 02.04.2010
Wanted Team electricity ron klaren Szachista (Polish) Custom Click for more info Comment 02.04.2010
Paradox intro number 70 wotw Fantasy Flyer ProTracker Comment 31.03.2010
Dual Crew Shining (DCS) enigma-gun romeo knight Graham Gooch's Second Innings Sidmon 1.0 Comment 25.03.2010
Misery - - Ninja Mission Future Composer 1.3 Comment 23.03.2010
Black Monks roll-out - Sixiang +2 trainer SoundTracker 15 Click for more info Comment 07.03.2010
Black Monks t7 bithoven S.D.I +3 trainer SoundTracker 15 Comment 07.03.2010
West Coast Cracker (WCC)
Warriors Of Darkness (WOD)
sll1 sll Maniax Ultimate SoundTracker Comment 03.03.2010
Full Immersion Cracking Association (F.I.C.A.)
imploder paul van der valk Mysterious Worlds +4 trainer, Strider 2 +++ Future Player Comment 18.02.2010
SOC - - Cannon Fodder +++ SonicArranger Comment 15.02.2010
Vox Dei zippy tune elliot Timecruncher 2.2 - Intro ProTracker Comment 15.02.2010
Paradise pleasure_to_paso??? paso Magical Zone 7 Intro ProTracker Comment 15.02.2010
Triangle 3532 - mad freak Link 'em V2.1P Intro ProTracker Comment 15.02.2010
Prophecy title_and_ingame frederic hahn Jamcracker Ripper v1.7 - Intro FredEditor Click for more info Comment 15.02.2010
Rebels wonderland-bbs sll CJ Elephant Antics - Exe File & Trainer +9 trainer DeltaMusic 2.0 Comment 15.02.2010
Zaracon title jochen hippel Videomaxe Hippel-COSO Click for more info Comment 14.02.2010
Anthrox - joe panic Bill's Tomato Game trainer SonicArranger Comment 13.02.2010
Dual Crew Shining (DCS) 4 gin-tech gin Hugo - Swedish Sales ProTracker Comment 13.02.2010
Accession fine russian army turtle Frontier - Elite 2 ProTracker Comment 07.02.2010
D-Mob - leper messiah D-Copy 2.0 Intro Oktalyzer Comment 03.02.2010
Masquarade introm rimshot Megaboard V3.0 Intro ProTracker Comment 03.02.2010
The Special Brothers (TSB) boom2.gts gts Contact Us ProTracker Comment 03.02.2010
Trackers oh yes! a chipsong! lonestar Defjam Packer V3.5 100% Bugfree With Req.Library Support ProTracker Comment 03.02.2010
Crux - monty Wendetta 2175 - CD-Rip ProTracker Comment 24.01.2010
Fazwonga whistling fred mel'o'dee Another Fine Release ProTracker Comment 24.01.2010
Quartz - mutant mango Pod++ ProTracker Comment 15.01.2010
indian hemp storm Bonanza Bros NoiseTracker Comment 14.01.2010
Astra chips and no timing steinar Zool - Preview ProTracker Comment 13.01.2010
Tarkus Team popcorn - Cartoon v1.0 ProTracker Click for more info Comment 12.01.2010
Amaze - galaxy Robocop 2 Import Future Composer 1.4 Comment 03.01.2010
Active Line axel f ii - Wild West World ProTracker Comment 03.01.2010
Action platoon david whittaker F-15 Strike Eagle II - Preview David Whittaker Click for more info Comment 03.01.2010
Sensor new krs-one Utility Pack 1 Intro SoundTracker 15 Comment 29.12.2009
Anthrox - - Another Hot Import Future Composer 1.4 Comment 29.12.2009
Anthrox superboy allister brimble Protracker v1.1 - Spreading Intro SoundMon 2.0 Comment 29.12.2009
Scandal jose demo - Amazing Spider-Man, The +1 trainer ProTracker Comment 29.12.2009
The Power Connection defjam intro paul van der valk It Came From The Desert - Import Intro Future Player Comment 29.12.2009
Supremacy neorda powermix xiphias aka xixaq Leisure Suit Larry 3 NoiseTracker Comment 29.12.2009
Crimewatch j.chips#0101 jelace Arnie 2 - HD - Fix ProTracker Comment 29.12.2009
Atlantida headhit2 coyote Lorna - Spanish ProTracker Comment 29.12.2009
Subzero Selim Rudi (SSR) intro number 61 wotw Legend Of Ragnarok, The - Playable preview ProTracker Comment 21.12.2009
Sweet Dreams Lodge salute gladiator Interstate 100% ProTracker Comment 16.12.2009
The Magic Arts
- double trouble Airport Future Composer 1.3 Comment 11.12.2009
Risk title_and_the_plains / beast1.forest david whittaker ThunderStrike +10 trainer David Whittaker Click for more info Comment 11.12.2009
Access psychomorphia huib Bubble Gun +13 trainer ProTracker Comment 03.12.2009
Access daddy-cool krypton ATR: All Terrain Racing +4 trainer ProTracker Comment 02.12.2009
Access monday random voice Aquatic Games, The: Starring James Pond and the Aquabats +6 trainer ProTracker Comment 30.11.2009
ice walkman Apache Flight - Import NoiseTracker Comment 27.11.2009
Anthrox warhawk archon Apache +13 trainer DeltaMusic 2.0 Comment 27.11.2009
Parallax legend-intro - Another World - Import Hippel-COSO Comment 24.11.2009
Amiga Hackers United ldrunner / goldrunner - New Stuff - Death of the Firestarters TakeTracker Click for more info Comment 23.11.2009
Computerbrains Cracking Service (CCS)
Accumulators (ACC)
ganymed thomas lopatic Knights of the Crystallion Beathoven Synthesizer Click for more info Comment 23.11.2009
Parallax cardiaxx.pause / cardiax1 4-mat Vroom - Import ProTracker Click for more info Comment 22.11.2009
Faction winterwonderland boone Beambender +7 trainer ProTracker Comment 21.11.2009
Genesis rsi theme jochen hippel Labyrinth Future Composer 1.3 Comment 18.11.2009

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