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Miscellaneous Various demos, intros &... 5441 Comment
2000 AD Aquatic Games trainer, B.C.... 1281 Comment
2000 AD WizKid trainer 878 Comment
2000 AD Creatures trainer, Krusty's... 858 Comment
Computerbrains Cracking Service (CCS)
Accumulators (ACC)
Ghosts 'N Goblins - Playable... 797 Comment
Skid Row Fables & Fiends - Book... 776 Comment
2000 AD Sink or Swim trainer,... 697 Comment
Access Shadow of the Beast 3 697 Comment
Abandon Kick Off 2 - Return to Europe 692 Comment
Access Gulp +9 trainer 672 Comment

Top ratings

Group Ripped from    
2000 AD WizKid trainer   Comment
2000 AD Aquatic Games trainer, B.C....   Comment
Abandon Kick Off 2 - Return to Europe   Comment
Quartex Dawn Patrol   Comment
Skid Row Fables & Fiends - Book...   Comment
2000 AD Sim City Deluxe   Comment
Abyss Tomorrow / Virtual Dreams ++35   Comment
Bamiga Sector One
Galactic Conqueror   Comment
Alcatraz Autokick 1.7, Garfield   Comment
World of Wonders Dugger, International Karate...   Comment

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Conspiracy Rey 14.01.2014 Comment
Accession rady 11.09.2013 Comment
Hellfire Dar 06.05.2013 Comment
Rebels lkma 29.03.2013 Comment
Miscellaneous Joey ;) 07.01.2013 Comment
Quartex peyman 06.09.2012 Comment
Aces Wuffo 14.08.2012 Comment
The Oviesoft Amiga Division (TOAD) JJ QUEST 08.06.2012 Comment
Paranoimia the one who... 30.07.2011 Comment
Hoodlum Amigo 11.03.2011 Comment

Credits & links

I've used sites below as my source for cracktros, information and some tunes, so thanks to all you guys and girls!

And below are links to other sites worth visiting:

And I'm always looking for more tunes or information to add here, so if you have any, contact me!

If you notice any tunes that *really* shouldn't be here, contact me and I'll remove them asap!

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MagikGimp: So glad I found that this site is still up. I had the 2009 collection and wondered if there had been more added to it and sure enough, there had! That was 8 years ago but we all know 16-bit never really dies. AMIGAAAAAA

Tray: oh.. nevermind ... i got it now (again) later on we used another compression algorhythm on our releases - so thats why the samples of my tunes didnt get correctly decompressed for you mod files

Tray: well ... maybe it is just my mod player tricks on me :D

Tray: it is really nice to see my old tracks 1991-1994 here on the portal ... but why are they in such a bad quality?!? shall i upload them again in acceptable quality?^^

lolz: how to convert Mark II songs to mod ?

Rey: it's cute to release amiga music, but if this is in unknown and uncommon format, it's a bit hard to enjoy.

Rey: hi there. how to play a .MON music format ?

xyz: I had same issue with only playing in the right speaker.. it's sorta of a bug.. I managed to get it to work but the bug came back

MrChip: I have tried DeliPlayer and although it plays the .cus file it doesn't sound good, only sound in the right speaker (mono) no sound in the left.. Could there be a better player out there or is this how the tune is supposed to sound?

MrChip: Been trying to search for info on how to play the .cus file, but all I can find is that .cus is an Autocad extension, but this is obviously a music file (by Mark II).

MrChip: Been trying to search for info on how to play the .cus file, but all I can find is that .cus is an Autocad extension, but this is obviously a music file (by Mark II).

MrChip: Hi all, I wonder how to play the.cus file? I am referring in particular to the "Steel Pulse" tune by Mark II

Shouter: Let me Shouuut in this box

dermetfan: I love this, I listen to Amiga music in car with my father

Florian from Konsolinfo: Really nice page , good work m8

Count Floyd: This would be great here http://www.photonstorm.com/flod

KaLore: Whoa! Protracker heaven, Have missed a lot of the tracks in your archive! WICKED!!!!

KaLore: Whoa! Protracker heaven, Have missed a lot of the tracks in your archive! WICKED!!!!

hAkR!: look at exotica :)

mac: i need hollywood poker pro music!

Ivellios: Thanks! A little bit of Heaven.

egen: Thanks for these :)))

shoom013: 10x!!!

Raros/BFTI: Thank You Very Much!

Bloodmoney2011: Ahh.. downloading part of my soul now.. THANKS! ! !


Added 24.10.2014
It's been a while since last update, and news aren't great this time either. www.anttilehtonen.net is going down at the end of this year, meaning http://www.anttilehtonen.net/amigamusic/ will be gone the same time..

But what happened, i want to know!!!???!!!

Well, usual stuff that comes with life, babies and stuff, meaning less and less time to do stuff that was back in days fun and important.

BUT!! If there's someone who's truly interested continuing this project, I'm willing to give all code + data regarding this site. (PHP+MYSQL).
It's quite bad, but.. I was less old and didn't have any experience or money so.. So, contact me at if you're interested at all antti.lehtonen@gmail.com.
Senders of bad/stupid emails will be executed and mails posted here..

What's happening now?
Added 11.02.2010
Lately I've been mostly doing "technical" updates for this site; news are fetched from database, code and database optimization, changed Lightbox to Shadowbox, updated jQuery to newest version etc.
And I've even managed to add new tunes/tune information every month since 2009 I created this site :)

Oh, and "All xxx tunes from Amiga Music Collection" file has been downloaded over 1000 times now!

19.04.2009 At the moment it looks like there won't be updates/new tunes added as often as before. That doesn't mean that this site is "dead", oh no. I'll keep my eyes open and try to add new to new tunes every now and then, assuming I come upon ones.

If you have some new tune(s)/information/etc, feel free to contact me. I would highly appreciate if the actual composers would have some additional information to add for their tunes.

And come on, shoutbox, comment & rating system won't crash, you can use them. Honestly! :)

Group Module name Composer Ripped from Format Info Rating
D-Tect sidtest rhino A New Compilation by Charly (X-Copy 2.2, Bootselect, Supplexcruncher, Virusdestroyer, Intro, New Demo, Invitation Demo, Intro) Sidmon 1.0 Comment
D-Tect generation - Cobra +6 trainer NoiseTracker Comment
D-Tect violent dezecrator Darkman +5 trainer NoiseTracker Comment
D-Tect rsi theme jochen hippel Hunter +4 trainer Future Composer 1.3 Comment
D-Tect real real twisted Master Devpac 1.0a NoiseTracker Comment
Darkage carpe_paula dascon Future Composer 1.4 ProTracker Comment
Darkside reliable.long woober T-ZerO +39 trainer ProTracker Comment
The Data Division adsr - the dub dreamfish Bravo Romeo Delta, The Computer Course Angler ProTracker Comment
Dawn test0 - Bad Company - Import ProTracker Comment
Deadline introtune1 jason RattleCopy 3 +9 trainer ProTracker Comment
Decade only a song mr. beat A-Sampler V2.0, Bouncing Balls ProTracker Comment
Decade tristar leffty Civilization (German), Curse of the Dragon, Pacific Islands - Team Yankee II - German/French/Italian Version, Wind in the Willows Future Composer 1.3 Comment
Decade rebels!!! 4-mat Delta Run +1 trainer ProTracker Comment
Decade intro number 73 wotw Der Clou! - AGA - German, Flashback (German), Fly Harder - Final Sales, Gunship 2000 ProTracker Comment
Decade anthrox aztech Edd the Duck +2 trainer ProTracker Comment
Decade law of the kult mindstorm Head Coach - Pro Football Simulation v3.1b, Revenge of the Dynasty: Bandit Kings of Ancient China 2 Sidmon 1.0 Comment
Decade coolmodule virgill Heart of China (German) ProTracker Click for more info Comment
Decade comin under fire! ascender Marco - playable preview, Swibble Dibble ProTracker Comment
Decade transfusion 2 clawz Mickey's 123's - The Big Surprise Party ProTracker Comment
Decade most_shortest_mix d-zire Mickey's Memory Challenge ProTracker Comment
Decade introsong1 - Space Fight SoundTracker 15 Comment
Decay sky dance preview sky Air Strike USA +1 trainer, B.A.T., Puzznic EarAche Comment
Decay neverending allister brimble Atomic Robo-Kid +1 trainer SoundMon 2.0 Click for more info Comment
Decay paradox-1 dr. gang Indianapolis 500 DeltaMusic 2.0 Comment
Decent green beret dreamfish Project 1 ProTracker Click for more info Comment
Deepcore cluster mlp artworx inc. Harpoon NoiseTracker Click for more info Comment
Defcon One - - Hard Drivin II Future Composer 1.3 Click for more info Comment
Defect eagleplayer intro mcnoise Eagleplayer v1.01 Intro ProTracker Comment
Defekt cns bassline Cracktro for Anthrox ProTracker Comment
Defekt cracktrack5 twilight Cracktro for Combat 18 ProTracker Comment
Defekt speedy's theme subject Lionheart CD32 ProTracker Comment
Defjam ganymed thomas lopatic Alien Syndrome Import Intro, Amiga Tetris, Fish! Beathoven Synthesizer Click for more info Comment
Defjam msx-cracktro 2 tsm Blood Money trainer SunTronic Comment
Defjam bluesgunnbest - Blues Brothers (The) +4 trainer ProTracker Click for more info Comment
Defjam ingame ron klaren Cadaver Extended Demo Version, Knobelix Custom Click for more info Comment
Defjam obliterator-ingame david whittaker Chrono Quest David Whittaker Click for more info Comment
Defjam ingame jochen hippel Conflict Middle East Hippel-COSO Click for more info Comment
Defjam - - Crack Down, Protector Music-Assembler Click for more info Comment
Defjam - - Falcon Mission Disk 2 100% Sidmon 1.0 Comment
Defjam angels morph Falcon v1.20 new version NoiseTracker Comment
Defjam flying reyn ouwehand Feudal Lords, Full House English Version Maniacs of Noise Click for more info Comment
Defjam - - Fire and Brimstone, Ghosts N Goblins trainer, Football Manager - World Cup Edition Future Composer 1.3 Comment
Defjam countdown starbuck Galaxy 89 ProTracker Comment
Defjam waves - Ghosts 'N Goblins - Playable Preview, Leisure Suit Larry 3, Manhunter San Francisco, Rockstar Ate My Hamster, Their Finest Hour - The Battle of Britain, Warhead Music-Assembler Comment
Defjam title jochen hippel Ghouls'n'Ghosts, Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's Revenge Hippel Click for more info Comment
Defjam mini-vanini mekkannik Gods trainer ProTracker Comment
Defjam traz - Jinks SoundTracker 15 Comment
Defjam ganymed thomas lopatic Knights of the Crystallion Beathoven Synthesizer Click for more info Comment
Defjam - - Macro Paint Future Composer 1.3 Click for more info Comment
Defjam short-trip mekkannik Mercs ProTracker Comment
Defjam the last kuusnepa wal P.P. Hammer +22 trainer ProTracker Comment
Defjam defjam intro paul van der valk Power Drift, Xenophobe Future Player Comment
Defjam daley lazarus Ranx, S.T.U.N. Runner ProTracker Comment
Defjam telephone karsten obarski Speedball Ultimate SoundTracker Comment
Defjam - - Stellar 7 Future Composer 1.3 Click for more info Comment
Defjam intro_and_title ron klaren Super Wonderboy in Monsterland +3 trainer Custom Click for more info Comment
Defjam movement oldskool - TACL - The Adventure Construction Language Mark II Comment
Defjam movement oldskool - Tank Attack Mark II Comment
Defjam - - Transworld v2.01 Future Composer 1.4 Comment
Defjam the circus - Wolfpack ProTracker Comment
Defjam switch mega sf msx - Wonderland NoiseTracker Comment
Delight frogs on the lake voyce Battletoads +10 trainer, Holiday Lemmings 1993 +19 trainer, Impossible Mission 2025 - The Special Edition +13 trainer, Lamborghini American Challenge +8 trainer, Popeye 3 - WrestleCrazy +5 trainer, Wonder Dog +9 trainer ProTracker Comment
Delight comet flight voyce Bomb 'X, Fatman - The Caped Consumer ECS +15 trainer ProTracker Comment
Delight proxima audiomonster Bootmaster V1.2, MED v3.0 NoiseTracker Comment
Delight circus time.2 voyce Boscar ProTracker Comment
Delight shorty1 devastator Brain Challenge, Freak Out NoiseTracker Comment
Delight loading darry booper Bytekiller Professional 1.0 - Spreading Intro, Necronom preview ProTracker Comment
Delight path of harmony mem'o'ree & dreem Catch 'Em - final ProTracker Comment
Delight - backlash Death or Glory Special HD Only version JamCracker Comment
Delight - - Donk! - The Samurai Duck! +19 trainer ProTracker Comment
Delight delight_express voyce Dracula +10 trainer, Total Carnage +9 trainer ProTracker Click for more info Comment
Delight undead.2 voyce Elfmania ProTracker Comment
Delight = world in short != laxical Fussball Total ProTracker Comment
Delight shiny-meadows hi-lite Fussball Total (AGA) ProTracker Comment
Delight synth freddy Genesia Pre english version ProTracker Comment
Delight extreme_int. voyce Guardian Heroes CD32, Marble Rescue - German ProTracker Comment
Delight cyberdyne darkman Hybris AGA +2 trainer StarTrekker 4 Comment
Delight dl!-zak006 deathlord Kick Off 3 - OCS/ECS - multilanguage ProTracker Comment
Delight jack the ripper 1.0 mr. urk Magnetic Tanks ProTracker Comment
Delight hei gonna chip!!! laxical Mr. Blobby (German) +3 trainer ProTracker Comment
Delight be illegal voyce Olympique de Marseille ProTracker Comment
Delight secret gardens emax Populous 2 Platinum Edition ProTracker Comment
Delight - - Rise of the Robots 2 ProTracker Comment
Delight mass hysteria voyce Romper Stomper ProTracker Comment
Delight easy mongo klorathy Small Crack Intro for Delight ProTracker Comment
Delight analyzer emax Smash the Beast (AGA) ProTracker Comment
Delight shivan dragon lizardking Smash the Beast (AGA) +6 trainer ProTracker Comment
Delight bingo voyce Spring Time ProTracker Comment
Delight introtune(2) darkman Think ProTracker Comment
Delight obsessed voyce This Intro ProTracker Comment
Delight c-hippi tune-9 dexter Vektor Storm ProTracker Comment
Delight arkanoid archon Zaxxon +3 trainer DeltaMusic 2.0 Click for more info Comment
Delirium hip-hop-funk nugget Battle Chess, Gloom Deluxe, Gloom Special Edition 97, Humans 3: Evolution Lost in Time, The Lion King, Slam Tilt - The Pinball Game (AGA), Valhalla 2 - Before the War ProTracker Comment
Delirium hyper piknukipale topaz Cliffhanger +28 trainer ProTracker Comment
Delirium marty mania i radar Overkill AGA, Pierre le Chef is... Out to Lunch (AGA) ProTracker Comment
Delirium last_ninja_3 pink Pinball Brain Damage, Shoot the Racist ProTracker Comment
Delta Force delta - Bomb Jack TakeTracker Click for more info Comment
Depth game_over_and_title jochen hippel Swooper 100% Hippel-COSO Click for more info Comment
Desire cracktrack2 twilight Amazing Cracktro For Faith ProTracker Comment
Desire rsi theme jochen hippel Boulderdash Collection Future Composer 1.3 Comment

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