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Miscellaneous Various demos, intros &... 5441 Comment
2000 AD Aquatic Games trainer, B.C.... 1281 Comment
2000 AD WizKid trainer 878 Comment
2000 AD Creatures trainer, Krusty's... 858 Comment
Computerbrains Cracking Service (CCS)
Accumulators (ACC)
Ghosts 'N Goblins - Playable... 797 Comment
Skid Row Fables & Fiends - Book... 776 Comment
Access Shadow of the Beast 3 697 Comment
2000 AD Sink or Swim trainer,... 696 Comment
Abandon Kick Off 2 - Return to Europe 692 Comment
Access Gulp +9 trainer 672 Comment

Top ratings

Group Ripped from    
2000 AD WizKid trainer   Comment
2000 AD Aquatic Games trainer, B.C....   Comment
Abandon Kick Off 2 - Return to Europe   Comment
Quartex Dawn Patrol   Comment
Skid Row Fables & Fiends - Book...   Comment
2000 AD Sim City Deluxe   Comment
Abyss Tomorrow / Virtual Dreams ++35   Comment
Bamiga Sector One
Galactic Conqueror   Comment
Alcatraz Autokick 1.7, Garfield   Comment
World of Wonders Dugger, International Karate...   Comment

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Conspiracy Rey 14.01.2014 Comment
Accession rady 11.09.2013 Comment
Hellfire Dar 06.05.2013 Comment
Rebels lkma 29.03.2013 Comment
Miscellaneous Joey ;) 07.01.2013 Comment
Quartex peyman 06.09.2012 Comment
Aces Wuffo 14.08.2012 Comment
The Oviesoft Amiga Division (TOAD) JJ QUEST 08.06.2012 Comment
Paranoimia the one who... 30.07.2011 Comment
Hoodlum Amigo 11.03.2011 Comment

Credits & links

I've used sites below as my source for cracktros, information and some tunes, so thanks to all you guys and girls!

And below are links to other sites worth visiting:

And I'm always looking for more tunes or information to add here, so if you have any, contact me!

If you notice any tunes that *really* shouldn't be here, contact me and I'll remove them asap!

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MagikGimp: So glad I found that this site is still up. I had the 2009 collection and wondered if there had been more added to it and sure enough, there had! That was 8 years ago but we all know 16-bit never really dies. AMIGAAAAAA

Tray: oh.. nevermind ... i got it now (again) later on we used another compression algorhythm on our releases - so thats why the samples of my tunes didnt get correctly decompressed for you mod files

Tray: well ... maybe it is just my mod player tricks on me :D

Tray: it is really nice to see my old tracks 1991-1994 here on the portal ... but why are they in such a bad quality?!? shall i upload them again in acceptable quality?^^

lolz: how to convert Mark II songs to mod ?

Rey: it's cute to release amiga music, but if this is in unknown and uncommon format, it's a bit hard to enjoy.

Rey: hi there. how to play a .MON music format ?

xyz: I had same issue with only playing in the right speaker.. it's sorta of a bug.. I managed to get it to work but the bug came back

MrChip: I have tried DeliPlayer and although it plays the .cus file it doesn't sound good, only sound in the right speaker (mono) no sound in the left.. Could there be a better player out there or is this how the tune is supposed to sound?

MrChip: Been trying to search for info on how to play the .cus file, but all I can find is that .cus is an Autocad extension, but this is obviously a music file (by Mark II).

MrChip: Been trying to search for info on how to play the .cus file, but all I can find is that .cus is an Autocad extension, but this is obviously a music file (by Mark II).

MrChip: Hi all, I wonder how to play the.cus file? I am referring in particular to the "Steel Pulse" tune by Mark II

Shouter: Let me Shouuut in this box

dermetfan: I love this, I listen to Amiga music in car with my father

Florian from Konsolinfo: Really nice page , good work m8

Count Floyd: This would be great here http://www.photonstorm.com/flod

KaLore: Whoa! Protracker heaven, Have missed a lot of the tracks in your archive! WICKED!!!!

KaLore: Whoa! Protracker heaven, Have missed a lot of the tracks in your archive! WICKED!!!!

hAkR!: look at exotica :)

mac: i need hollywood poker pro music!

Ivellios: Thanks! A little bit of Heaven.

egen: Thanks for these :)))

shoom013: 10x!!!

Raros/BFTI: Thank You Very Much!

Bloodmoney2011: Ahh.. downloading part of my soul now.. THANKS! ! !


Added 24.10.2014
It's been a while since last update, and news aren't great this time either. www.anttilehtonen.net is going down at the end of this year, meaning http://www.anttilehtonen.net/amigamusic/ will be gone the same time..

But what happened, i want to know!!!???!!!

Well, usual stuff that comes with life, babies and stuff, meaning less and less time to do stuff that was back in days fun and important.

BUT!! If there's someone who's truly interested continuing this project, I'm willing to give all code + data regarding this site. (PHP+MYSQL).
It's quite bad, but.. I was less old and didn't have any experience or money so.. So, contact me at if you're interested at all antti.lehtonen@gmail.com.
Senders of bad/stupid emails will be executed and mails posted here..

What's happening now?
Added 11.02.2010
Lately I've been mostly doing "technical" updates for this site; news are fetched from database, code and database optimization, changed Lightbox to Shadowbox, updated jQuery to newest version etc.
And I've even managed to add new tunes/tune information every month since 2009 I created this site :)

Oh, and "All xxx tunes from Amiga Music Collection" file has been downloaded over 1000 times now!

19.04.2009 At the moment it looks like there won't be updates/new tunes added as often as before. That doesn't mean that this site is "dead", oh no. I'll keep my eyes open and try to add new to new tunes every now and then, assuming I come upon ones.

If you have some new tune(s)/information/etc, feel free to contact me. I would highly appreciate if the actual composers would have some additional information to add for their tunes.

And come on, shoutbox, comment & rating system won't crash, you can use them. Honestly! :)

Group Module name Composer Ripped from Format Info Rating
Desire tu$$u13.[cpr] chipper Cracktro for Classic ProTracker Comment
Desire aral tankstation facet Cracktro for Fairlight ProTracker Comment
Desire ka-ga-goo!.pse pseudolukian Cracktro for Faith ProTracker Comment
Desire kyds go wild !!! fab Cracktro for Prestige ProTracker Comment
Desire jungle power fab Cracktro for Skid Row ProTracker Comment
Desire kit wanker soul & merlin F117A Stealth Fighter ProTracker Comment
Devils - hydra A New Product Future Composer 1.3 Comment
Diamonds & Rust sextyfour archon Benny Beetle in Colorworld ProTracker Comment
Diamonds & Rust intro number 31 wotw Gobliins 2, Goliath - The Game of the Demons, Silverstar ProTracker Comment
Diamonds & Rust hulk hulk by dvs bright brick KGB, Lemmings II ProTracker Comment
Diamonds & Rust - - Shizophrenia Future Composer 1.3 Click for more info Comment
Digilogic best song ever bang Tom & Jerry - Hunting High And Low +1 trainer Ultimate SoundTracker Comment
Digital criminal tears clawz Abandon Places II Preview ProTracker Comment
Digital pink bubbles yaz Stardust Preview ProTracker Comment
Digital Corruption intro number 33 wotw Lale Sivascilari ProTracker Comment
Digital Sanctity loader tune 1 alex craxton F18 Interceptor ProTracker Comment
Digital Sanctity yo joe trainer trsi - Hot Rod, Street Rod ProTracker Comment
Digital Sanctity scales of joy mel'o'dee Maniac Bomber ProTracker Comment
Disarm hardcore4-short dynabyte Cave Runner A1200 and bug fixed ProTracker Comment
Disaster s!p.intro scorpik Cracktro ProTracker Comment
Discovery steam1 - Hudson Hawk +2 trainer ProTracker Comment
Divide heavenz tearz.. mem'o'ree & jazzcon USS John Young AGA-fix ProTracker Comment
Divina pro-synths wal Dragon Fighter NoiseTracker Comment
Divina fireballs mantronix Italian Night 1999 NoiseTracker Comment
Divina imploder paul van der valk Mysterious Worlds +4 trainer, Strider 2 +++ Future Player Comment
Divine bumpy ride aquafresh PGA European Tour ECS ProTracker Comment
Divinity rest - Silk Worm +1 trainer ProTracker Comment
Doctor Box Soft tj at mikes voyce Amy Putt ProTracker Click for more info Comment
The Dominators tron - New Stuff TakeTracker Click for more info Comment
The Dominators american [hulk rule] - Rick Dangerous & Arkanoid 2 & Cybernoid 2 SoundTracker 15 Comment
Double Density Crew (DDC) strangeway - 2nd Intro -Zak McKracken- SoundTracker 15 Comment
Double Density Crew (DDC) pioneer2 - Gunship SoundTracker 15 Comment
Double Density Crew (DDC) murder in the city - Paranoia Complex, The SoundTracker 15 Comment
Double Density Crew (DDC) dugger christian a. weber Virus SoundFX Click for more info Comment
Doughnut Cracking Service (DCS) internal addiction adrian meads Demos Disk #5 ProTracker Comment
Doughnut Cracking Service (DCS) tristar leffty Rockstar Ate My Hamster Future Composer 1.3 Comment
Dracs buffered module - Malediction (prv) playable ProTracker Comment
Dragons poc to wind - Nishiran Pre-version ProTracker Comment
Drawn X dezecrator1 dezecrator Swif Trix NoiseTracker Click for more info Comment
Dream Team drums bug Bio Challenge, Intro I SoundTracker 15 Comment
Dream Vision mod.dont make me time traveller Starflight 100% ProTracker Comment
Dreamdealers tam-tam for rhah !! reverse Cracktro for Skid Row ProTracker Comment
Dreamdealers cool chrylian Interpol Cracktro ProTracker Comment
Dreamdealers pseudo oops - Ultimate Virus Killer (The) 1.21 Custom Comment
Dual Crew dual crew theme pow Abyss trainer, Galacta Preview, Punisher final, Space Conquest - Import Intro, Time Race Preview Future Composer 1.3 Comment
Dual Crew dual crew theme pow Cybergammon Future Composer 1.3 Comment
Dual Crew intro number 42 wotw Discovery! ProTracker Comment
Dual Crew city of angels tyrell Forgotten Realms BBS Intro ProTracker Comment
Dual Crew shogunmix shogun Helter Skelter +3 trainer, Pop-Up mega trainer, Sly Spy +4 trainer DeltaMusic 2.0 Comment
Dual Crew zzzax no eg zzzax Ivan Iron-Man Stewarts Super Off Road Racer Playable preview, Night Hunter Import, Shuffle Pix SoundMon 2.0 Comment
Dual Crew cracktro morph Lemmings 2 Pre-Preview ProTracker Comment
Dual Crew vaginal lubrication bob Mickey's ABC's - A Day at the Fair ProTracker Comment
Dual Crew atron - Mickey's Magic Toybox Import Mark II Comment
Dual Crew goldrunner - Startrash +2 trainer Profiteam-Soundfactory Click for more info Comment
Dual Crew - pow Super Cars 2 Megatrainer Future Composer 1.3 Comment
Dual Crew movement oldskool - Ultimate Golf - Demo Version - Import Intro Mark II Comment
Dual Crew Shining (DCS) kit wanker soul & merlin Banshee AGA - playable preview ProTracker Comment
Dual Crew Shining (DCS) bastian coco arts Banshee AGA - playable preview, Hugo - Swedish Sales ProTracker Comment
Dual Crew Shining (DCS) step-on-92 mutley Blob! Release version, Knights of the Sky Enhanced ProTracker Comment
Dual Crew Shining (DCS) kit wanker soul & merlin F117A Stealth Fighter ProTracker Comment
Dual Crew Shining (DCS) anal2 optic Foundation Gold ProTracker Comment
Dual Crew Shining (DCS) enigma-gun romeo knight Graham Gooch's Second Innings Sidmon 1.0 Comment
Dual Crew Shining (DCS) 4 gin-tech gin Hugo - Swedish Sales ProTracker Comment
Dual Crew Shining (DCS) - - Wizball Single Filed, Fix for AGA / 680x0 ProTracker Click for more info Comment
Dynamic Systems (DNS) newsong - Asterix Im Morgenland, Easy and Fun - Four in One Ultimate SoundTracker Comment
Dynamic Systems (DNS) song karsten obarski Blueberry ProTracker Comment
Dynamic Technologies (Dytec) longing for techno pitty Apache Flight +5 trainer, Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's Revenge, Party Pack 1992 TakeTracker Comment
Dynamic Technologies (Dytec) intro_i paso Black Crypt - 100%, Harpoon update and battleset, Monkey Island 2 Fix ProTracker Comment
Dynamic Technologies (Dytec) vnc92-introzak-2 vince Black Crypt - Final sale NoiseTracker Comment
Dynamic Technologies (Dytec) chip&chap.repl.vers pitty Cracktro by Galaxy ProTracker Comment
Dynamic Technologies (Dytec) techn. perfection pitty Deliverance +3 trainer, Dungeons of Avalon 2, Nick Faldos Golf Playable Preview, Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's Revenge (German), Tischtennis StarTrekker 4 Comment
Dynamic Technologies (Dytec) techno-intro magic master ptx Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Mad Bomber 2 ProTracker Comment
Dynamic Technologies (Dytec) synthy-popjam r2-d2 Monkey Island III Data disk / Laser Intro StarTrekker 4 Comment
Dynamic Technologies (Dytec) do you wanne...yep? paso Perfect General German ProTracker Comment
Dynamix lost scrotum paso Allan Border's Cricket, Dune 2 Multi Language, Fly Harder, Goal!, Legend of Ragnarok ProTracker Comment
Dynamix oh it's short m.c.mp Monkey Island 3 / Crack-Intro for Dynamix by Remedy ProTracker Comment
Dynax - - Crack Intro ProTracker Comment
Dynax alicia blair zuppicich Crack Intro / Circularium by Dago SoundTracker 15 Comment
Dynax supersoap nick Crack Intro / Prerelease of New Production ProTracker Comment
Dynax plexu1 allister brimble Demo Compilation 12 Intro SoundMon 2.0 Comment
Dynax nicktune1 nick Demo Compilation 16 Intro / Poolsmaster Imported by Mad Max and 006 SoundMon 2.0 Comment
Dynax rsi theme jochen hippel Demo Compilation 8 Intro Future Composer 1.3 Comment
Dynax steps - Intro by Mad Max ProTracker Comment
Dynax crystals zzzax New Intro by Max Max SoundMon 2.0 Comment
Eagle Soft Inc. shades tsm Worlds at War SunTronic Click for more info Comment
Ecstasy title jochen hippel Dragon Force Hippel Click for more info Comment
Effect chipieajee msw Prevail Pack 69 Intro ProTracker Comment
Effect newyorkloader msw Prevail Pack 85 Intro ProTracker Comment
Electronic Cracking Association (ECA) - - Championship Golf, Superbase, Winter Games, World Games IFF-SVX8 Click for more info Comment
Elevation visor.synth zzzax Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja +4 trainer SoundMon 2.0 Comment
Elevation - - Piracy on the High Seas Future Composer 1.3 Comment
Empire supershort mantronix Fighter Bomber +3 trainer - import ProTracker Comment
Endless Piracy - - Amiga Scrabble / Computer Scrabble Future Composer 1.3 Comment
Endless Piracy ingame ron klaren Badlands Pete, The Final Day Custom Click for more info Comment
Endless Piracy unit-a-remix hijack Cubix ProTracker Comment
Endless Piracy fairlight-d7- comrade j Eagles Rider - English & German version ProTracker Comment
Endless Piracy - fred gray Elite trainer, Future Shock +5 trainer, Ghost Battle trainer, Switchblade 2, Swords & Galleons +4 trainer, Tip Trick (+2), Turrican 2 trainer Custom Click for more info Comment
Endless Piracy - - Enchanted Land MCMD Comment
Endless Piracy sunday-work magic drummer Flying Eagles ProTracker Comment
Endless Piracy horizon blaizer Logic Battle Future Composer 1.4 Comment

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